About RockyTopRisk

This site is designed to support efforts of the Tennessee Volunteers in the College Football Risk game.

What is College Football Risk?

 College Football Risk is a multiplayer game where teams can work together to control a map of North America. The objective is for a team to have the largest number of territories of any team at the end of the season. College Football Risk is a continuation of a popular CFB Risk game run by r/CFB in the Spring and Summer of 2018 and by BlueSCar in the Spring of 2020. It is an MMO-style game where college football fanbases compete for control of a fictionalized map of the United States. The goal is to control as much territory as possible for ultimate domination of the map. For more details and playing instructions go here: Playing College Football Risk

 What is the purpose of Rocky Top Risk?

  This site was built to allow Tennessee's players to have a central location to come to for orders that would allow them to most effectively support the Vols in the game. In order to view and accept orders, you have to have a Reddit account and either be a member of some select Subreddits frequented by Vols or have registered as a player or mercenary for Tennessee in the College Football Risk game.


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with Reddit

We are leveraging Reddit OAuth for login to certain features of the site. By authenticating, we will collect your reddit username and and details about which subreddits you are subscribed and/or are a moderator. We will not retain the subreddit information after using it to determine what rights should be granted to you on this site.

 How do I get my orders and play?

  1. Go to the College Football Risk site, sign-in with Reddit and select your Team. If that team is Tennessee, you will be allowed to get orders here. If that team is not Tennessee but has already been eliminated, you can choose the option to be a mercenary for Tennessee. If you choose that option, you will be allowed to get orders here. Otherwise, have fun playing the game on your team or Chaos.
  2. Sign in with Reddit by clicking on the Sign-in with  Reddit logo on the front page.
  3. Authorize the Rockytop Risk application.
  4. A new menu option in the upper right called "Orders" should appear. Click on that menu option.
  5. Basd on previously defined strategy and what orders have already been assigned, we will select the move where you are most needed at the moment. Click on the Accept Order button if you are willing to perform the requested action. Sometimes there may be no orders available at the time due to ongoing strategy development. If that is the case just check in again later.    
  6.  Go to the College Football Risk site and click on the target button at the bottom of the screen to enter your move.
  7. That's it. You are done for that turn. Just be sure to come back each day during the game Monday through Saturday to get your next order. We try to post orders relatively early in the day, but if no orders are available, just check back in some time before 10:00 PM Eastern time. Each turn you play increases your strength in the game, and a consecutive turns played streak can further increase your strength as well.